Road Trip

  • By Tanya Malhotra
  • •  Aug 20, 2019


Road trips are always exciting for all of us and we all love to go for it as it’s full of adventure and excitement, but it is very important to do your homework before heading for a long road trip. Many people ignore the checklist before hitting the road and then face problems later while their trip which spoils the fun and makes the trip a nightmare. To avoid that crazy situation, here is the list of thing you must to before you hit the road for a long road trip

  1. Check your engine oil - Mostly in summers or springs, if you are planning the trip you must check or change the oil because in high temperature, your engines needs higher or ticker oil.
  2. Check your battery’s health - If you battery is older than three years, the best idea is to replace it or else get that checked by expert to avoid getting stuck with dead battery.
  3. Top up fluids of your car like antifreeze and coolants, hydraulic break fluids and other important parts like battery coat, etc.
  4. Change your air filters of engine and AC, engine air filters can be easily replaced by yourself. You can consider buying washable and reusable filters for savings in long term.
  5. Checking tires are also very important, make sure tires have optimum pressure and check your stepney / spare wheel.
  6. Check your emergency kit and keep that handy and stocked with all the necessary items.
  7. Clean your car and get that serviced to professionally to get fixed everything before you kick start the trip.
  8. Check the components if they are working well
    • Check tire pressure
    • Air conditioning
    • Windshield wipers
    • All the lights
    • Cables for any cracks
    • Corrosion or dirt
    • Radiator and hoses for cracks and leaks
    • Engine Health

Once you are done with all the above checklist, you are go to go for your most awaited long road trip.

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