4 Way Maintenance & Protection Kit

4 Way Maintenance & Protection Kit

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Description of product

  • Battery Terminal Coating: Protects battery terminals from Sulphonation. Improves electrical contact efficiency. Helps increase battery life. Ensures easy application and maintenance
  • Window Channel Dresser: Clean and dust free windows and effortless cleaning ,easy and smooth movement of window glass.
  • Wet Sprayable Grease: Excellent Penetrating property ,Joint is fast dry, no wetness in joints.
  • Belt Dresser: Protects belts from excessive wear and tear,Increases transmission efficiency eliminating screeching noise

Window Channel Dresser: Protects rubber parts from weathering effect Allows smooth up & down movement of power as well as manual window glasses

Belt dresser: Increases transmission efficiency Improve belt life by protecting it from wear & tear,

Wet Spray able Grease: lubricates the metals and friction parts

Battery Terminal Protector: Spray is a fast curing protective coating that leaves a dry, lead-free protective film on battery terminals. This coating is resistant to moisture, water washout, mild acid, salt and grime and offers long term corrosion protection to the terminals. It prevents battery failure and extends battery life.

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