UE 4-Way Spray Lubricant 500ml

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Description of product

  • Easy removal of rusted and hard to open joints
  • Enhances life of bolted joints
  • Easy removal of rusted and hard to open joints
  • Easy removal of rusted and hard to open joints and effortless cleaning
  • Lubricates Hinges,Lock,Caster,wheel and more

Where to use (Application)
Up Hinges, Small Wheels, rust bolts, nuts

Directions for use
Shake can well before use. Turn spray tip so opening points to sot rim of can. Use extension tube, insert it to actuator using a twisting motion. Hold can up ringht 18 inch from surface, using short bursts. For hard to reach out small surface use the extension tube. One rubber, plastic apply and wipe with a cloth.

What does it do ?
It is a multipurpose, light oil formula for automotive, industrial and marine maintenance repair, protects small machinery, hand and power tools from corrosion. Prevents rust and corrosion by depositing an ultra thin film that coats and penetrates the surface pores of metal. Lubricates moving parts and displaces moisture to dry out electrical parts.

Do not expose to heat, protect from direct sunlight & do not expose to temperature exceeding 500c. For skin contect wash with mild soap & water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting seek medical attention immediately.

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