UE Black Color Spray Paint 500ml

UE Black Color Spray Paint 500ml

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Where to use (Application) Car, Bike,Motor, refrigerator,Furniture Directions for use:The surface must be free of grease, rust ,moisture ,wax etc if necessary ,sand to removes rough spots.Protect the surrounding area from spray mist.Use it at a room temperature around 200 C .Shake can vigorously for one or two minutes before use. Hold the can 15-25 cm from the object to be sprayed, press button firmly and spray back and forth. (recommendation: spray on a paper for test to ensure that the color will match the object).To ensure the best result, spray a second or third coat 10 minutes Clean nozzles immediate after use by turning can upside down and spray for a few second. What does it do?it is easy to use and give an even and fine spraying surface.The product possesses multiple strength including weather resistant, hard, soft & durable, abrasion resistant of strong. Adhesion and provides a long lasting coloring's,It should be widely used in spraying and repairing of surface smooth and durable, good for all interior and exterior applications.

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