UE Car Cleaning Kit

UE Car Cleaning Kit

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  • Dashboard Polish: Make sure dashboard is cool and clean (no dust) and in the shade when you apply the dresser Protects surface from UV Rays and fading Effectively restores gloss to plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces (Dashboards, Door Panels, Trims) Non-greasy formula does not attract dust
  • Car Wash Shampoo: Car Wash is a premium & high foaming concentrated car wash and wax that cut through stubborn dirt and road film for overall cleaning and finishing.
  • Hi Gloss Liquid Wax: Make sure the surface is cool, dust free and in the shade when you apply the wax Restores Gloss to Paint Surfaces & Protects from UV Rays The Premium Liquid Wax removes Oxidation and cleans, polishes and protects all painted surfaces Forms a super-slick, protective barrier between the car’s paint and the environment, reducing the sticking and build-up of mud, tar, insects and road grime
  • Eco - Friendly

Dashboard Polish :UE Elite Ultra Shine Dashboard Polish is designed to restore a clean new look and natural gloss to your Dashboard

Car Wash Ultra Cleaner: UE Elite Car Wash Ultra Cleaner is a highly concentrated liquid soap which develops heavy –bodied long-lasting suds and quickly removes dirt and road film from the exterior automotive surface.

Hi Gloss Liquid Wax: UE Elite Hi –Gloss liquid Wax removes oxidation, clean, polishes and protects all painted surfaces.

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