UE Elite Dry Wash (Waterless Wash) 200 ml

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  • Dry Wash 2-3 avg sized vehicles without water
  • For use on all exterior surfaces
  • Provides a streak free shine

Description of product

Water is vital and cities are experiencing critical shortage. Hence, we must optimize usage for non-essential purposes like car washes. Conventionally, cars are washed using high pressure water of approximately 100 liters per car. UE Elite introduces unique water-based chemical for washing cars without use of external water. UE Elite™ Waterless Wash is for painted surfaces which is normally difficult to clean without high pressure water. The product helps in removal of dirt, mud, hard-dust, bird droppings, oil, grease and tar marks to a large extent, bug splatters and tree saps from exterior automotive painted surfaces without creating scratches on the surface.

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