UE Elite Enamel Spray Paint (Silver) 500 ml

UE Elite Enamel Spray Paint (Silver) 500 ml

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Description of product

Giving a glossy finish, this lacquer spray paint adds a new shine to your ancient multi-purpose vehicle, this multi-purpose spray paint can be used on both metal and plastic items made of wood and ABS. Easy to apply, simply shake the can and spray without any additional gear being attached. The UE Premium Enamel spray paint, rapidly drying, leaves behind no stickiness. Included in a self-spray can make use of this multi-purpose spray paint. Key characteristics: spray paint and glossy finish can be used on on all types of metal surfaces available in normal colors on all products such as metal, wood, ABS plastics Direction: clean the dirt and dust, shake the bottle for about 30 seconds, click the top with a finger and spray the target 20-30 centimeters, spray the target every 10 minutes. Keep repeating and better impact for several occasions, invert the bottle and spray.

Where to use (Application)
Car, Bike, Motor, refrigerator, Furniture

Directions for use
1. The surface must be free of grease, rust ,moisture ,wax etc ,if necessary ,sand to removes rough spots.
2.Protect the surrounding area from spray mist. Use it at a room temperature around 200 C .
3. Shake can vigorously for one or two minutes before use. Hold the can 15-25 cm from the object to be sprayed, press button firmly and spray back and forth. (recommendation: spray on a paper for test to ensure that the colour will match the object). To ensure the best result, spray a second or third coat 10 minutes l ater.
4. Clean nozzles immediate after use by turning can upside down and spray for a few second.

What does it do ?
it is easy to use and give an even and fine spraying surface. The product possesses multiple strength including weather resistant, hard, soft & durable, abrasion resistant of strong. Adhesion and provides a long –lasting colourings, It should be widely used in spraying and repairing of surface smooth and durable, good for all interior and exterior applications.

Keep away from heat ,open flame, spark and any other source of ignition.
Use only under well –ventilated condition.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Higher temperature may lead to explosions. .
Do not puncture or incinerate container even when empty.
keep out of the reach of children.

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