UE Elite Rubbing Compound 5 Liters

UE Elite Rubbing Compound 5 Liters


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UE Autotech (I) Pvt Ltd Rubbing Compound is designed to remove P1200 and finer scratches with either a UE wool pad or foam compounding pad. This Non-gritty formula works on all types of automotive paints,leaving a fine finish. To reduce compounding time, use P3000 Trizact abrasive discs to refine the sand scratches prior to compounding. Directions for Use: Compound using an air or electric buffer (1400-2000 rpm) equipped with a wool compounding pad (PN 05753 or PN 33279) or a UE Elite white foam compounding pad (PN 05706). Shake container well before using. 1. Apply enough compound to work a two foot by two foot area. For best result, use enough compound to leave a thin wet flim on the surface for one to two passes white the buffer before it begins to dry. 2. Start the machine and buff using light to medium pressure. 3. Reduce pressure as compound begins to dry Spur pad as necessary. Note: If compound slings onto an adjacent panel, remove compound spatter with a soft damp cloth as soon as possible or before compounding the next panel.

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