UE Premium Brake And Brake Parts Cleaner 150 ml

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  • Disassembly not required that saves a lot of time as well as money
  • A controlled spray action that cleans through surface agitation
  • A lowered surface tension that results in an excellent penetration and ensures a better dissolving process and degreasing properties

Description of product

UE Premium Brake And Brake Parts Cleaner is A Strong And Heavy-Duty Cleaner That Decreases The Brake, Parts Of The Clutch And The General Mechanical Equipment. It Has Been Formulated In A Unique Way To Get Dissolved Safely And Flush All The Oil, Grease, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Hardened Deposits And Other Contaminants, Without The Need For Disassembly. It Also Has The Potential To Remove All The Hazardous Brake Dust. UE Premium Brake And Brake Parts Cleaner Does Not Leave Any Stain Or Residue, Is Non-Corrosive, And Evaporates Quickly. It keeps A Check At The Disc Brake Sequel And Noise Caused By The Contaminants, Avoids Clutch Slippage And Helps The Brakes To Last Long So That It Performs Better. UE Premium Brake And Brake Parts Cleaner works Excellently In Removing Grease And Contaminates That Stay In The Wheel Bearings And CVS Joints. It Can Also Be Used To Remove The Grease That Is Build Up By The Workshop Equipment, Tools, Other Mechanical Or Industrial Machinery And Electrical Contacts.

Where to use (Application)
Instantly Remove Brake Dust, Oil & Grease Helps Prevents Brake Squel.Can Be Applied Without disassembling

Directions for use
Shake can well before use. Turn spray tip so opening points to sot rim of can. Use extension tube, insert it to be actuator using a twisting motion. Hold can upright 18 inch from surface, using short bursts until brake parts are Amply wet. Continue until as necessary to allow contaminants to run off. Air dry or wipe with a clean cloth.

What does it do ?
UE BRAKE & PARTS CLEANER : is a high performance special cleaner for maintenance and repair work on brakes, clutch and other related components. Quickly removes brake dust, as well as oil, Grease and dirt deposits entirely residue free. Cleans without disassembly, helps reduce break noise and break action.

Do not expose to heat, protect from direct sunlight & do not expose to temperature exceeding 500c. For skin contact wash with mild soap & water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting seek medical attention immediately.

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