UE Premium Chain Lube 500 ml

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  • Safe for use on chain with rubber O rings
  • Protects the chain from rust and corrosion
  • Enables silent and smooth movement of chain
  • Effectively removes rust and dirt from the chain

Description of product

UE Elite chain lube road adheres to the chain even at high speeds. Increases chain durability. No action on seals. Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links. Shake well before use. Apply to the whole length of the inner chain, spraying from top of lower chain run, spinning the wheel backwards.

Where to use (Application)
Bike Chain, Engine Chain

Directions for use
1. Shake the can thoroughly before use.
2. Point the tube to the area of application.
3. Hold 150-200mm away and spray evenly on all the sides of the chain.

What does it do ?
UE Elite is a multi utility heavy friction spray fluid which can be used forlubricating moving parts.
Protects against rust and Corrosion sealing out moisture and prolonging the life of joints.
Extra Ordinary working properties.
Covers and leaves a thin layer of coat after application.
Reduce Noise, Contains No hard waxes like Grease etc.
Long Shelf Life.

Extremely Flammable Liquid Contains Irritating to eyes, Respiratory system and skin. Vapours may cause drowiness and dizziness.

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