UE Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment 354 ml

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  • Lets the injectors stay clean
  • Restores the necessary spray volume that is required for a smooth function of the engine
  • Resists loss of power and injector fouling
  • Suitable for all types of diesel motors including the high-pressure common rail type

Description of product

UE PREMIUM DIESEL FUEL CLEANER has been introduced to clean up the injectors of the modern diesel engines and let them stay clean. It absorbs all the surface active agents like the detergents, moisture dispersants, corrosion inhabitors and cleaning agents providing improved fuel economy and reduced emission output. It, in turn, controls all the deposits and clears the nozzles of the injector to prevent fouling and restoring the essential spray volume that is required for a smooth functioning of the engine. UE PREMIUM DIESEL FUEL CLEANER provides protection to the fuel pumps that are compatible with any kind of diesel motors that also includes high-pressure common rail types. It can go both with direct as well as indirect injection system. It, in turn, adds to the efficiency of the engine that tops up every 5,000 km.

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