UE Premium Electronic Contact Cleaner 500 ML

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  • Safe on almost all kinds of plastics
  • Quick evaporation process that leaves no residue behinds
  • Reaches to all the hard-to-reach areas & Ideal for preparing surfaces for further treatment
  • Excellent for cleaning up water and contaminants from flood-damaged equipment

Description of product

Ue Premium Electronic Spray Is A Fast-Drying Cleaner That Is Used To Clean Electric Motors And Other Heavy-Duty Electrical And Mechanical Equipment. It Works Effectively And Removes. Oil, Dirt And Wax Completely Which Are The Most Obvious Causes Behind Leakage And The Other Inefficiencies.

Where to use (Application)
circuit board, electrical contacts, switches, sockets, precision instruments etc

Directions for use
Spray directly on the components to be cleaned convenient aerosol package provide pinpoint cleaning accuracy which reduces solvent waste.

What does it do ?
cleans oil, grease, dirt, condensation and moisture from circuit board, electrical contacts, switches, sockets, precision instruments etc. Electronic contact cleaner is a residue-free formulation, safe for a wide variety of plastics, Prevents degradation of electrical signal.

Do not expose to heat, protect from direct sunlight & do not expose to temperature exceeding 500c. For skin contact wash with mild soap & water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting seek medical attention immediately.

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