UE Premium Oil Treatment 250 ml

UE Premium Oil Treatment 250 ml

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  • Improves viscosity plus anti-wear
  • Reduces friction and wearAdds strength to the engine by enhancing the key lubricating properties
  • Blends with any kind of oil including synthetics

Description of product

Ue Premium Oil Treatment Builds Up The Motor Oil With Some Extra Additives. It Contains Viscosity Improver Along With Some Of The Anti-Wear, Anti-Friction And Anti-Oxidation Agents. This Oil Treatment For The Petrol Engines Gives Extra Protection To The Engine Against Extreme Heat And Also Allows The Oil To Maintain Some Of The Most Important Lubricating Properties To Let The Engine Function At Its Best Until The Next Oil Change.

Where to use (Application)
With new Engine oil

Directions for use
For all gasoline and diesel engines in new and used two wheeler. 60 ml is sufficient for maximum 1.5 litre of engine oil. After adding to the engine oil, allow the engine to run warm. The product can be added at any time.

What does it do ?
Oil treatment protects engine oil against viscosity loss even under the harshest conditions and protects the engine against wear. Oil Treatment is based on the latest additive technology and is compatible with all synthetic and mineral engine oils

CONTAINS PETROLEUM DISTILLATES. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. For skin contact. wash with mild soap and water. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting seek medical attention immediately.

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