UE Premium Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaner 354 ml

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  • Removes the unnecessary deposits from the injector pintles for a better flow and operation
  • Keeps the carburettors, intake systems, valves, ports and fuel lines clean
  • Enhances optimization of fuel & Reduces knocks due to unnecessary deposits
  • Reduces knocks due to unnecessary deposits

Description of product

Ue Premium Fuel Injector Cleaner Has Been Made To Remove All Types Of Deposits From The Injector Pintles For A Better Flow And An Enhanced Operation. The Cleaner Helps To Keep The Carburettors, Intake Systems, Valves, Ports And Fuel Lines Clean. It, In Turn, Improves Fuel Atomization That Can Reduce Knocks Caused By Deposits And Checks The Demand Of The Engine For A Higher Octane Fuel. It Is Equally Safe To Use It With Leaded As Well As Unleaded Fuel That Does Not Leave Any Negative Impact On The Catalytic Converters Or The Oxygen Sensors.

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