UE Premium Radiator Flush 354 ml

UE Premium Radiator Flush 354 ml

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  • Dissolves and combines the residues that contain oil and grease
  • Dislodges and removes lime and the deposits of corrosion
  • Ensures excellent reliability and cooling of the engine of your vehicle

Description of product

UE PREMIUM RADIATOR FLUSH is a formula that has been uniquely developed to cool the systems especially that of the motor vehicles. It dissolves all the contaminants that contain lime and oil in the radiators, heating systems, pipes and the engines. An advanced formula has been used to formulate this radiator flush that contains complexants with active cleaning agents. The properties used to formulate it does not contain any kind of acid or alkalis. It not only disperses sludges but also removes residues of oil and grease. It has a chemical conversion of lime that neutralizes acids and the behaviour that comes in contact with rubber or plastic. It is quite compatible with anti-freeze. Suitable for all water cooling systems in the motor vehicles, buses and all the other types of commercial vehicles. The contents must be added to the cooling water and then run the heating system. Let the engine run depending on the degree of contamination. Still, it should be run approximately for a duration of ten to thirty minutes. Further, the cleaner must be drained and flushed out with water

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Sunil Nath
Nov 12, 2020 3:48:47 PM