UE Premium Throttle Body Cleaner 500 ml

UE Premium Throttle Body Cleaner 500 ml

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  • Removes the unnecessary build-up and also prevents the engine form the same
  • Restores the performance of the engine & Improves fuel efficiency
  • Does no harm to the coatings, sensors, o-ring seals and the other components that are sensitive by nature
  • Give protection to the moving parts and also lubricates them

Description of product

UE Premium Throttle Body Cleaners The Most Perfect Combination Of Liquid Hydrocarbon Cleaning Compounds That Has Been Specially Introduced To Remove All The Unnecessary Deposits That Come From The Throttle Bodies And Air Intake Systems In Fuel Injected Vehicles. It Does Not Do Any Harm To The Coatings Of The Surface Of The Throttle Bodies That Are Applied When The Manufacturing Is Done For The Allowance Of A Controlled And An Undisturbed Flow Of Air. Due To The Build-Up Of Deposits From The Airborne Contaminants Or Oil And Combustion Gases, Stalling And Rough Idling Are Caused. When Regular Clean-Up Is Done With UE Premium Throttle Body Cleaner, It Restores The Performance Of The Engine And Improves The Fuel Efficiency Too. It Reduces The Engine Wear And Prevents Unnecessary Build-Up That Takes Place While Lubricating Moving Parts.

Where to use (Application)
choke valves, choke controls, Throttle body

Directions for use
Shake can well before use. Remove air filter and intake hose. With engine off spray into the throttle body area and throttle body valve blade. Start engine spray on valve throttle plate areas in air passages, air jets & seats of adjusting screws. Race engine lightly to flush away deposits and to smooth out idle. Replace air filter and connect air intake hose. Best result are obtained when material is at room temperature. Higher temperature increases the pressure in the can & lower temperature reduces the pressure.

What does it do ?
Has a unique carbon release formula that penetrates, loosens and flushes away vanish, oil and gum deposit from throttle body.

Do not expose to heat, protect from direct sunlight & do not expose to temperature exceeding 500c. For skin contact wash with mild soap & water. If swallowed do not induce vomiting seek medical attention immediately.

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