UE Premium White Lithium Grease 150 ml

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  • Petroleum-based
  • Anti Corrosive
  • Resistant against moisture
  • Withstands high temperature & Prolonged lasting or lubrication and protection

Description of product

UE PREMIUM WHITE LITHIUM GREASE is a high-purity white lithium based grease that has an advanced additive package that lets the lubrication last long, really long. It also has an excellent resistance against water as well as heat and can withstand corrosion too. This lubricant is ideal for the areas that are hard to reach and because of the application of aerosol. It has been specifically designed for a longer sustainability. ThisUEPREMIUM WHITE LITHIUM GREASE provides a great quality to provide sufficient protection to your automotive, workshop and home use. Its excellent performance and durability can sustain any weather and the worst temperature. UE PREMIUM WHITE LITHIUM GREASEhas been formulated using a high quality that has a white creamy appearance and can resist extreme pressure. It can set evenly as a fluid and dries as a thick protective layer that doesn’t come out. It can be used on auto hinges, gears, sprockets, outdoor hinges, latches, overhead door tracks, pulleys, cables and guide rails.

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