UE Premium Windscreen Washer Fluid 60 ml

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  • Keeps insects, road film, dirt and grime a hand away
  • Gives you a crystal clear visibility & Reduces the glare of headlights that prevents webbing or fogging
  • Demists the windscreen, windows and mirrors helping them stay clean & You get an improved visibility because of smear and streak free formula

Description of product

Ue Premium Windscreen Washer has Been Formulated To Remove Insects, Road Film, Dirt And Grime From The Windscreen And Headlights That Reduces The Visibility And Glare Of The Light. It Prevents Webbing And Fogging Up That Increases The Chances Of Accidents On Road. Ue Premium Windscreen Washer Gives You A Clear Vision Both Inside Out When You Are Driving. It Helps To Keep The Windows And The Windscreen Mist Free Too. Ue Premium Windscreen Washer is Highly Recommendable To Keep Your Windscreen Washer Streak-Free And Absolutely Crystal Clear. It Is Quite Easy To Apply That Can Be Used Directly On The Windscreen Or With The Help Of A Piece Of Demisting Cloth. So, Now You Can Use Ue Premium Windscreen Washer To Stop Fogging Of The Glasses.

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